Howdy Everyone!!! My name is Rory and I am studying Evolution & Ecology, this is my last semester and I’m really looking forward to this class. My header is a beautiful picture I was able to get of a Blue Heron, but it is a little fuzzy in this format. I took this picture earlier this year at OSU wetlands as I was heading to class for Ohio birds. I also volunteer/Internship at the Museum of Biological Diversity in the mollusk range where I am helping catalog and do other various tasks to help maintain the worlds largest freshwater mussel collection. So far I’ve cataloged over 5000 wet collections this summer and this might be 25% of the wet collection.

(Blue Heron at OSU Wetlands)

My coat of arms is a tree within a star its not the best, but I do enjoy nature and it kind of portrays that. The motto is “I like plants”  its simple and straight forward. This is because I have a whole counter at home with at least 30 plants and various succulents that my family has collected over the years. I also attempted to grow bell peppers and zucchini for the first time and that has had some mixed results. I am from Lewis Center in Columbus and very much support Ohio State. In addition my major is EEOB and I enjoy all organisms out in nature (excluding mosquitoes and nematodes).