Hello! My name is Jen and I’m a fourth-year Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife major specializing in Wildlife Science.

While plants are perfectly fascinating in their own right, I am especially interested in their ecology and the interactions they have with wildlife of all sorts. I have been working for the last several years to establish a native plant garden in my central Ohio back yard and am now getting to enjoy the fruits of my labor, as the creatures are beginning to take notice!

My coat of arms features a (poorly drawn) rattlesnake as I am very passionate about advocating for and “re-branding” animals that are often unfairly persecuted by people. This also explains my fondness for the John Ray’s infamous phrase “Live and Let Live”.

I’ve spent the most of the last couple of years working with two graduate students on rattlesnake research projects. I’m also working on my own project exploring whether chestnut leaf litter has any impact on the abundance, growth rates or diversity of amphibians in vernal pools.

This semester, I plan explore the botanical diversity in my own urban community and around central Ohio. Join me!